stainless steel wire mesh

  plain weave wire mesh
  twill weave wire mesh
  dutch weave wire mesh

 Knitted Wire Mesh

 black iron wire cloth

 brass wire mesh

 square wire mesh

 welded wire mesh

 hexagonal wire netting

 rhombic wire mesh

expanded metal mesh

 window screening

 barbed wire

 chain link fence


We have six contracted branch factories to guarantee most competitive price and timely shipment.
We have 6 contracted branch factories, which are always ready to finish production plans arranged by our corporation. This ensures a low cost, good control of quality and guaranteed delivery time. Main business scope of them:

  • Stainless Steel Wire Drawing and Weaving Factory: to draw stainless steel wire and weave stainless steel wire cloth, to supply other factories that may need.
  • Welded Mesh Factory: to produce galvanized welded iron wire mesh and welded stainless steel wire mesh.
  • PVC Coated Fences Factory: to produce PVC coated hexagonal wire netting and other PVC coated fencing products.
  • Expanded Mesh Factory: mainly expanded mesh products, also chain link fences.
  • Galvanized Wire Mesh Factory: to produce a big range of galvanized wire mesh products, including galvanized iron wire, galvanized square hole wire mesh, galvanized hex. wire netting, etc.
  • Barbed Wire Factory. mainly barbed iron wire and PVC coated iron wire.